Street Team

Sherry Rentschler is looking for street team members who are interested in spreading the word about her books and helping others to discover the magic between the lines. Sherry believes together we can promote a love of books, of reading, and create a magical sense of togetherness for readers and writers around the world.

Sherry will provide:

  • A signed copy of each new release complete with swag
  • A welcome packet from Sherry with special items to keep and a list of a book choice to run your own giveaway
  • Public recognition on social media by Sherry and her PA, Terri, for your assistance. The more you do the more publicity you’ll receive.
  • Special street team only giveaways and promotions throughout the year
  • Special insights into upcoming projects including team only sneak peeks
  • First dibs on blog tours, Facebook takeovers or chat host events
  • Local members will get meet ups with Sherry and everyone will have team live chats
  • With more to come!

Team Members will:

  • Sign up for Sherry’s regular newsletter
  • Like AuthorSherryRentscher on Facebook
  • Follow Sherry on Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads and Amazon
  • Create favorite book lists on Amazon and Goodreads that include Sherry’s books
  • Invite your friends and others to be a part of the street team  #teampoetphoenix
  • Read Sherry’s books and post honest reviews
  • Actively encourage others to read and review Sherry’s books
  • Advertise on book release days, launch parties and giveaways
  • Suggest Sherry’s books to book clubs, writing groups, local bookstores and libraries, pass out swag at public locations
  • Work directly with Terri to improve the street team and create new activities

Please understand that we want to have fun but our street team is a working team. Don’t apply and expect to receive free stuff for doing nothing. Not everyone can do everything. But we need you to do your best. We will support and follow all your lists and events and help you promote. Don’t forget we’re a team, so if you need help, we’re here to work with you.

A select few will become Charter Elders and work directly with Sherry and Terri to coordinate future team activities. We may start out with only one or two but we’ll grow in time with your help!

Thank you for your interest in Sherry’s Team Phoenix!

Ready to help us spread the magic between the lines? Just click submit and complete the Google document and we’ll be in touch with you soon.